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    They did a wonderful job in getting me Financed even with all the changes I threw her way trust me I will be returning to see her again to get my next vehicle soon. Plus, the salesman was the best sales guy, I have ever had the pleasure in harassing. These people know their stuff. So, go in and see them you won’t regret it one bit!

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    Auto Credit Pros took the time to help me when I didn’t know who to trust. I’m now driving a new car and my credit is getting back on track. Thanks guys!

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    I had applied for a car loan in the past and had been declined. It was really frustrating, but Auto Credit Pros helped me and I got approved. They even helped me rebuild my credit! This is my first vehicle purchase since my bankruptcy. I was nervous but they walked me through the entire process. I love my new ride!


What is a Credit Score?

A credit score is a number from 300 – 900 that represents your credit and creditworthiness. A credit score is mainly based from a report sourced from a credit bureau, such as Equifax or TransUnion. This number is calculated to help lenders determine how likely you are to pay back your loan.

However, do not be discouraged if you don’t feel that you don’t have the highest number! It is always possible to start building or rebuilding a credit history. Your credit score is a snapshot in time and it is always fluctuating. Your score can change in as little as three months, depending on your financial activity.

How do I find my credit score?

There are two major credit bureaus in Canada where you can view your personal credit report: Trans Union or Equifax. You will have to purchase your credit report but it will be well worth it as each company can provide you with some valuable tips on rebuilding your credit.

I’ve Been Bankrupt. Can I Get Approved?

Bankruptcy presents a challenge to car loan approval, but it’s not an impassable barrier. Every situation is unique, from the cause of your bankruptcy to the extent of your debt. If you have been discharged from a bankruptcy or consumer proposal, we can help! A car loan can be a perfect place to start rebuilding your personal credit, even if you are just emerging from bankruptcy or a consumer proposal.

We will work with you and the lenders to get you the best rates, terms and conditions.

What finance rate will I get?

The easy answer is that we will finance you at the best rate possible – in many cases this will be better than conventional rates. Interest rates are determined by several factors, such as the credit history and challenges, the employment history, vehicle and possible amount of down payment. It is our duty to get the best auto loan possible with the best interest rate.

Everyone’s case is different and your interest rate will be based on a thorough analysis of your individual situation.

Will I need money down?

Or, the pros and cons of no-money-down car loans Will you need money down? In a word, “No.” But that doesn’t tell the whole story. While money down on a car loan is not always necessary, it is always recommended. Why? That’s what we’re here for. So, take a few minutes to learn what’s best for you and your situation. We’re sure it’ll save you a few headaches—it may also save you thousands of dollars.

How do I know if I qualify for an Auto Loan?

The easiest way to find out if you qualify is to apply using our secure online application. We will be able to review your information and provide financial consulting to qualify for a car loan.

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